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Renee Reuter

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Imperial, MO 63052 

Tel: 314-852-0236

Since 2011, I have had the honor of serving our community on the Jefferson County Council. I have helped with everything from flood recovery, building many new government facilities (without taxes or bond issues) and significant road improvements.  


I led a brand-new, charter form of government as the first Chair of the first seven-member County Council, protected taxpayers against frivolous lawsuits, passed annual balanced budgets, saved millions restructuring existing debt and increased accessibility and accountability by putting council meeting videos online.

Why am I running for State Representative? 

Not every issue can or should be tackled locally - some must be addressed on a state level.  I’m ready for that challenge.


I believe in limited government, fiscal responsibly and government transparency.   Most of all, I believe elected officials are servants of the people, who should humbly work hard to ensure the people they represent are heard.  Finally, I believe actions make better value statements than mere words. 

My campaign announcement.

Supporters of Renee Reuter, Vote Reuter.
Family of Renee Reuter, Mike Reuter, David Reuter, Stephen Reuter and Liberty.

I am excited to take on this new challenge and I ask that you join me.  With your help, we can take Jefferson County values to Jefferson City.

The journey ahead will need resources.  I ask for your investment in good government.   

Personal checks up to $2,000
can be sent to:

          Friends of Renee Reuter
          P.O. Box 319
          Imperial, MO 63052

Corporate checks in any amount can be sent to:

          Friends of JeffCo
          Attn: James Prather
          P.O. Box 186
          Barnhart, MO 63012

Paid for by Friends of Renee Reuter, Mike Reuter, Treasurer

Mike Reuter, Circuit Clerk, and Renee Reuter, County Council & candidate for State Representative.
Renee Reuter for County Council, Jefferson County, Missouri